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Kahil Lloyd
Director QRDIP

Reference: Support of QOMA submission to QRIDP

I support the Qld. Opal Miners (QOMA) submissions to QRDIP and supply the following:

  1. The Mineral Resources Act has served the people of Queensland well and Mining Claims and Prescribed Mining Claims operations, by and large, meet the “Objectives of the Act,” within a fully functioning framework.
  2. Mining Claims and Prescribed Mining Claims are essential tenures for the small scale mining sector & current conditions are vital for small scale operators.

    These principle conditions must include:

    (a) Reduce red tape & regulatory burden
    (b) Provide prompt processing of tenure applications
    (c) Review Departmental Conditions and policy with regard to SSM
    (d) Must provide affordable and sustainable fees and charges

  3. The Department and QRDIP officials must work with Small Scale representative groups to ensure this SSM – Prohibition of the grant of new mining tenures is lifted at the earliest opportunity.
  4. That the Minister and the department meet regularly with Small Scale Mining representative groups to discuss matters pertaining to the Small Scale mining sector, this would assist to once again open the forum to respectfully discuss concerns and aim to avert scenarios like the mining Claim Moratorium which has been imposed by the Minister.

  5. That the Department provide responses to each matter raised in the two QOMA submissions to QRDIP.

  6. (Your own comments will be added here)