The Queensland Opal Miners Association Inc. (QOMA)

The QOMA’s principle role is to ensure that Legislative and Regulatory Bodies controlling the Industry have appropriate policies that are suitable to the needs of the Queensland Opal Industry that assures affordable prompt access to tenure and & to promote Queensland Boulder Opal as a part of Australia’s National Gemstone.

Opal - National Gem Stone

QOMA's advocacy 

The QOMA Inc. has been a strong advocate for the opal mining, providing representation to Government’s and regulatory bodies for nearly 25 years.

The QOMA also provides other services to miners under the objects of the Association, which is to also act as a conduit for Native Title Agreements, achieving two past area Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA's) and over 50 Individual Right to Negotiate (RTN) agreements.

Unfortunately, individual RTN's, are currently the only processes of attaining access to mining and exploration applications over areas of non-exclusive leasehold lands which are areas subject to Native Title.

The QOMA has been and active member of the Queensland Small Miners Council (QSMC) and was a key advocate in achieving the terms of the Prescribed Mining Claim in 2012-13, for which many opal miners now rely on as their principle source of mining tenure. 

Recently, QOMA delegates through the QSMC, has provided submissions on the Silicosis Review ( Dept. Of Mines) and the current Cultural Heritage Act Review, additionally QOMA has also provided a Letter of Objection to the Premier of Queensland the Hon. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk regarding the Lake Eyre Basin Proposal which was dubiously run by the Dept. Of Environment. 

Subsequently the QOMA has also provided the Minister for Environment The Hon. Leanne Enoch an interim submission until legal and legitimate consultation is afforded to Industry Stakeholders like the QOMA.

The QOMA can also assist miners with other mining related documentation under the Miners Assistance with Documentation (MAD) Program, helping miners wade through the minefield of documentation (which only seems to be getting madder) and provide assistance with Auditing of Rehabilitation and Audit statements- supporting surrender documents as there is no services provided from EPA, EPH, DES, in the Quilpie Mining Region. 

These services are operated by appointment and some charges may apply. 

The QOMA values its members, and welcomes new members.

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The QOMA is a proud supporting Member of the QSMC.